I was honoured to be invited to give a presentation at the 3D Meetup in Dublin. The brief was simple enough, Talk about Houdini ,something that the two men behind the group, Gusztav Istvan Velicsek and Pearse Toomey knew that I can do at length. As I was putting together the presentation I came up with the idea of doing a series of different experiments involving the same animated loop to show off the versatility of the software, while also challenging myself with some fun experiments.
I would then do a breakdown of how some of these pieces were completed, which you can see below. Sometime after the presentation, which went very well,  I went ahead and created the piece above with my own music and sound design.  


The first step involved downloading a character from Mixamo in a T-pose along with the same model with looping walking animation. With these I was able to use a blendshape sop to blend from one mesh to the other which allowed me to create set-ups on the T-pose mesh, and have them blend into the walking animation.


Each set-up then had it's own unique challenges, which were a lot of fun to overcome.


Here is a fun collage of the whole collection