´╗┐Here are some tutorials I have put together for Houdini. I try to cover very specific things I've not seen too much information on, and to make them as quick as possible so they can be easily referred back to. 

Frustum culling a Pyro Simulation in Houdini (toNDC)

A handy tip on how you can cull a Pyro Simulation in Houdini using the Camera Frustrum, extremely useful for awkward simulations where things are moving very very quickly.

Matching Parented Transforms with vtorigin and vrorigin

I literally made this one because I kept forgetting how to do this every few months. A super handy bit of H-scripting that lets you match the transformations of another object, even if it's at the end of a parenting chain. I've found it very useful for when you import objects via alebmics, ect.

Follow a curve, in SOPS?

A method to have an object moving along a curve in SOPS rather than using constraints. Useful for extracting attributes.

Custom instancing in solaris

A quick reference tutorial on how to set-up custom instances in Solaris, in the same way that we would use a copy to points with a variant attribute.

Wind Tunnel in Houdini 20

So I made a video using a Wind Tunnel set-up that did relatively well and had people asking me for a tutorial. So here it is!

Quick Wet-Map Tutorial

I tried to make the quickest wet-map tutorial for Houdini that I could, for myself and others!

Blender's Wave TExture in VOPS

For a recent project I found myself needing to recreate Blender's Wave Texture in Houdini Vops. It was an awkward process, which is the way sometimes with Houdini, but I felt there were some good tips and tricks here worth sharing that you might find handy.

Crawling Ooze with Volume Advection

A beginner to intermediate tutorial detailing a handy set-up for breaking up the leading edges of typically rounded and blobby Viscous fluid simulations, that can be used to create crawling or undulating ooze effects.

Creating UDIM tiles with VEX

In this video you will learn how to use some simple VEX and the UV layout SOP to automatically and interactively create UV tiles.

Removing Points with VEX

A quick video about the removepoint() VEX function that I find incredibly useful in my day to day Houdini work.

Available for remote or in studio work